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Scam Alert

Please be informed that,, and remain the only authentic and genuine website of BGL Group and its subsidiaries (BGL Private Equity Ltd, BGL Asset Management Ltd and BGL Securities Ltd), whose registered Head Office is at 12A, Catholic Mission Street, Lagos, Nigeria.

However, we have uncovered several fictitious websites of some unscrupulous persons sending emails, letters and telephone calls to unsuspecting members of the public by impersonating the Directors or staff of our organisation claiming:

• To offer huge amount of money to winners of a promo
• Huge US Dollar contract sums due for payment
• To offer employment in the firm on outrageous terms and conditions


Consequently, we expressly dissociate BGL Group from any transaction entered into on the strength of such scam mails/correspondence or any other representation made via any of the fictitious websites or e-mail addresses.


Please, be informed that all our transactions on the internet are in Nigerian currency i.e. NAIRA and not in other foreign currencies, such as Pounds Sterling, Dollars, etc. Please note also that we do not conclude our transactions on the internet.


• BGL Group and its subsidiaries will not be liable for any loss incurred by any person who deals with the impostures contrary to its advice.
• In the event that you receive this kind of solicitation mails/letters, please disregard the senders.


For more information in public domain, please visit the sites below to learn more of this fraudulent activity:-


For further enquiries, please send mail to or call +234-1-4622606, +234-1-2805544.